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Quality with Trust

Established in the year of 1985, with the aim of strengthening global export of quality raisins. We process premium quality raisins that are sourced under the international standard as well as hygienically grown and processed at our technologically advanced World Class fully automated raisin processing plant.

We offered various types of raisins, Malayar Raisins, Nashik Golden Raisins, Black Raisins, Sangli Raisins, Brown Raisins, Green Raisins, Birdfeed Raisins, and Industrial Raisins. Our all unit working under one roof facilitate the processing, packaging, and storing facilities with the aim of “Quality with Trust”.

superior quality of various types of raisins

Explore our range of products

Green Raisins

  • Green Raisins Round
  • Green Raisins Long

Brown Raisins

  • Brown Raisins Grade A
  • Brown Raisins Grade B(Long)

Sangli Golden Raisins

  • Sangli Golden Round
  • Sangli Golden Long

Bird-Feed Raisins

  • Malayar Birdfeed Raisins
  • Brown Birdfeed Raisins

Nashik Golden Raisins

  • Golden Nashik Raisins Grade A
  • Golden Nashik Raisins Grade AA
  • Golden Nashik Raisins Grade AA Long
  • Golden Nashik Raisins Grade AAA Long
  • Golden Nashik Raisins Grade AAA Round

Malayar Raisins

  • Malayar Raisins Grade A
  • Malayar Raisins Grade B
  • Malayar Raisins Grade C
  • Malayar Raisins Grade AA
  • Malayar Raisins Grade AAA

Black Raisins

  • Black Raisins Grade A (Regular)
  • Black Raisins Grade AA (Semi Jumbo)
  • Black Raisins Grade AAA (Premium Jumbo)

Industrial Raisins

  • Industrial Raisins

Expertise with Agricultural Products

Vishaka Raisins


In the spacious infrastructure of 15000 sq ft our manufacturing units work under a clean, hygienic, and eco-friendly environment under the supervision of experts.
Vishaka Raisins


After the process of manufacturing raisins are packaged inequality packaging material to intact its freshness for a longer period of time.
Vishaka Raisins


The procured raisins are further stored in our capacious ware house safety, till their Final dispatch.

Our Certifications

Food & Safety Management

HACCP For Processing & Manufacturing

Coconut Development Board

Quality Management System

Halal Certification

ISO 22000 : 2005

Good Manufacturing Practice

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