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Golden Nashik Raisins

Golden Nashik Raisins are specially made from sultana raisins treated with the process of drying oil to aid in developing their golden color.

Malayar Raisins

Malayar Raisins are made from drying and processing special kind of grapes and are available in many grades like grade A, AA, AAA.

Brown Raisins

Brown Raisins are special varieties of raisins having good source of fiber, anto-oxidant and are fat free, used in plum cake, buns, sweet bread, etc.

Green Raisins

Green raisins are especially renowned for many essential vitamins, calcium and certainly B vitamin and can be eaten raw and used in cooking & baking.

BirdFeed Raisins

As name suggest the birdfeed raisins are specially made for bird feeding purpose as raisins are considered very nutritious for them.

Sangli Golden Raisins

Golden Raisins are mostly made from Thompson seedless grapes and uses sulphur dioxide to sustain its light color.

Black Raisin

Laid on tray and drying grapes from several weeks black raisins made. Black raisins do contain about 3% protein and 3.5% dietary fiber.