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As our infrastructure is designed in a way that our all the units are easily accessible to our workforce. After the completion of processing, the processed raisins are then shifted to packaging unit. Packaging plays a vital role in keeping the freshness of raisins intact for a longer period. The best way to keep the raisins fresh is to transfer them to airtight container. We provide best packaging quality container which are airtight as well. These Packaging helps to keep the raisins fresh and takes care that its nutrient value doesn`t get disturbed.

Our packaging unit consist the good quality and healthy environment which helps us to keep our raisins free from any kind of impurities. The packaging unit is supervised by the team of conscientious professional which ensures that our clients are provided with best raisins. Also, our workforce is trained to handle bulk quantities in a hygienic manner.
Our packing is designed in a such a way that once opened then again can be packed airtight, so the raisins are kept fresh. Along with the best packaging quality we also provide customize packaging containers with the private labelling, Consumer Packaging and Bulk Packaging. Private label products are those manufactured by one company sale under another company`s brand.

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